Austin Home Inspection


Suhail M.

10/24/2020 - Matthew is the best inspector I have ever worked with. I will never buy property in Austin again without his inspection. I would highly recommend anyone reading this do the same.

Jeff L.

10/20/2020 - Matt was fantastic to work with and I would recommend him to anyone. Truly above and beyond service.

C Barnes

09/05/2020 - Matthew is extremely professional and efficient. The best home inspection I have ever seen. Great reporting format with all of the details highlighted and formatted in an easy to use report. He is very professional and did an outstanding job in a timely manner. Thanks again and great job!

Jessenia A.

06/30/2020 - Matthew was such a pleasure to work with! He is detailed and thorough. I will definitely use him in the future!

Phylecia K.

06/03/2020 - Matthew’s inspection was extremely thorough and professional. I live out of state so he showed and explained to my daughter everything that was a concern. I would highly recommend his service .

Reid P.

05/19/2020 - Matthew is professional, trustworthy, and down-to-earth. He did a terrific job explaining his inspection report to my wife and I. We recently purchased our first home, and Matthew made the entire process much easier for both of us. Matthew's high-quality work and friendliness makes him great at his job. My wife and I would recommend anyone purchasing a house in Austin to choose Matthew for their inspection.

Cheri H.

05/14/2020 - We really appreciate Matthew's professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend a 3rd party inspection. This is our second custom home, and as we are out of state during the build, the assurance of Matthew's inspection was essential. This inspection adds value to our home.

Satpal P.

03/04/2020 - This guy is good. He gave a very detailed report. showed all the feature in the house, Maintenance tip, and explained what steps are needed to fix all the issues he found.

Lynn B.

03/01/2020 - Matthew is a true professional and I and my husband absolutely recommend him. He contacted us before the inspection to inquire about specific issues of concern. We met him after the inspection where he summarized his findings. In addition to being friendly and patient, Matthew was knowledgeable, informative and thorough. He took all the time we needed to clearly answer our questions and address our concerns. At no time did we feel rushed. His report is color coded in order to help prioritize work and also provides tips. We found it to be excellent -detailed, easy to understand and professionally done. I called the next day with some additional questions and appreciated Matthew's time and patience in answering them and addressing my concerns.

Allen M.

01/25/2020 - We were extremely pleased with the prompt, thorough service. Matthew was recommended to us from our friends, and he lived up to their high praise. His reports are detailed and easy to read. Really appreciated how simple it was to set up the appointment as well.

Brittney H (realtor)

01/19/2020 - I'm not sure what I'd do without this inspector team as a Realtor® in Austin, Texas. Matthew Kenny is great with my clients, diligent, communicative, and reliable. He is an extension of my team, and I always get points with my clients for recommending him to them. Shout-out to Armadillo Home Inspection for always doing things the right way in this busy market.

Charles M.

12/2019 - Single best Home Inspection process, experience and report I've ever received. Highly recommend.

Sandra S.

10/10/2019 - Matt inspected a Condo and his work was very thorough and comprehensive. He pointed out a major concern in the property. We will definitely use him for our next inspection.

Andrew C.

09/2019 - Matthew was very professional and very thorough in his report. He also took the time to explain the most serious issues that needed to be fixed. He also supplied simple fixes to issues that aren’t urgent. Highly recommended his services.

Pat K.

08/01/2019 - Matthew came highly recommended and exceeded our expectations. We needed an inspection for an older home and he helped explain every detail while providing some amazing tips along the way. He was very patient with our family who came to the inspection for us (since we did not live in Austin yet) and made it super easy to work with despite not being there. The report he provides is incredibly thorough and clear and we could not have been happier with the entire process.

Jenna A.

07/2019 - Matthew was extremely professional and helpful when inspecting our first home. He took the time to sit down with us and answer all of our questions. The report he provided was detailed and his color-coding system made it easy to understand. He is the best!

Sally C.

06/05/2019 - Armadillo Home Inspection performed a very thorough, professional and knowledgable inspection, with a timely, comprehensive report. I would definitely recommend this service to others!

Burke W.

05/31/2019 - This is the inspector you want. I give him the highest possible marks on quality, thoroughness, and ease of working with him. The thing that really stood out was the clarity and thoroughness of the documentation Matthew provided. He supplemented his observations with pictures which enabled me to personally verify whether the builder had corrected flaws or not. And he gave me his view on which items were critical vs important vs nice to have. In addition to the inspection-related photos, he provided a complete set of 5-wall photos for each room (including the ceiling) so that we would have a record of mechanical and electrical installations inside our walls.

Danci R. (Realtor)

05/15/2019 - Highly recommend Armadillo Home Inspection. Attention to detail and customer service is above and beyond any other! Very professional, friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable. I always recommend Matthew to my clients. Thank you!

Beth H.

04/27/2019 - We’re building a home in Cedar Park and chose Matthew to perform our third party inspections. We have loved working with him!! He is very thorough, kind, and responsive. Hiring Matthew has saved us lots of time, money, and headaches in this process. Would highly recommend hiring him!

Morita B.

04/02/2019 - Matthew responded immediately and was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Excellent, detailed report which helped me decide how much the house I was considering was worth.

Carol T.

03/24/2019 - Very pleased with our dealings with Matthew. His honest, straight forward, professional approach was very refreshing. His findings were detailed and we felt relieved and confident going forward toward the closing of our new custom home. We would highly recommend Matthew to anyone needing a thorough complete home inspection. Thanks again Matthew.

Jason C.

02/27/2019 - Very happy with our experience with Matthew. We had a semi-custom home built and we used Matthew for both a 'pre-drywall inspection" and a repeat inspection when the home was completed. His reports were detailed and easy to understand. I was so happy to have Matthew there to make sure the builder was doing a good job and that things were being done right. We have been extremely impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. He's also very personable and a pleasure to work with. Thanks a million Matthew!!

Lee P.

12/06/2018 - Matthew was extremely thorough, found significant problems, saved us future expenses, very responsive to questions and personable. Highly recommend!

Hope T. (Realtor)

04/18/2019 - I cannot say enough GREAT things about Matthew! He is extremely thorough and detail oriented, with color-coded reports that really help put things into perspective for home owners/buyers. As a Realtor, I highly recommend Matthew to all of my clients for his attention to detail and the level of customer/client care he provides. I recently used him for my own home inspection as well, and we had a wonderful experience, as I expected. I wouldn't trust anyone else on my personal home inspection, and I plan to continue to refer him to ALL of my clients!

Karo E.

03/19/2019 - I'm a huge fan of Matthew's work. I had zero experience or knowledge of homeownership as we began looking for our first home. We put in an offer which was accepted, and Matthew completed the inspection. He sat down with us and explained everything in detail, answering my dozens of questions. He recommended a foundation check on the house, which ended up revealing a foundation issue and underlying plumbing problem. This saved us from buying a home that would have manifested serious problems very soon. When we found our next candidate home, Matthew inspected that one as well, and we were glad to once again have his expertise to help us out. He also answered questions outside of the inspection time and has been a great help with house concerns even after we closed. I highly recommend Armadillo Home Inspection, especially for first-time buyers and anyone who appreciates getting a really detailed and well-contextualized report that can help you learn as go. The whole home-buying experience can get messy and frustrating, but I can honestly say our inspector was most effective and reassuring part of the process.

Alan S.

12/02/2018 - Awesome quick response and very thorough, easily readable report.

Michael C.

11/05/2018 - Matt was awesome! He was very thorough and professional. He is a very trustworthy guy and completed the job perfectly and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a residential inspection. Thanks!

Ryan A.

11/02/2018 - Matthew is very professional and helpful! He always does a great job for us. Highly recommend!

Josh B.

10/18/2018 - Matthew was fast, yet thorough. He caught a number of simple things in my new home that would have made a big difference long term. Very happy with his work and findings.

Will definitely use him again in the future!

Patricia C.

09/20/2018 - Matthew was referred to me by a neighbor to do a 1 yr inspection on my home and I was not disappointed. He did an amazing job in pointing out things that I would have never noticed. He was very detailed and provided great information on questions I had about my home. I recommend him 100% if  you need a complete inspection done.

Gabriel P.                    

11/06/16 - Matthew's unparalleled passion for home inspections is clearly shown in his quality of work. From the first calibration call to production of final home inspection report, the prevalence of his customer service oriented mentality is evidenced at every step of the inspection process. In my specific case, his inspection work will translate into direct savings, for me and my family, in the immediate and long term future. Thanks for your guidance and support!

Garrett B.

01/14/17 - Great experience! Matthew is very personable and walked me through all the issues that he noted on the inspection. He was very thorough and left comments on everything as well as recommendations. He also showed me how to use and keep the water softener in good condition since I've never had one before.

Jake M.

12/05/16 - Matt was fantastically helpful and did a thorough job. Post inspection, he spent time walking me through the property to discuss his findings and answering all questions.

Dale K.

05/05/16 - Matthew was very thorough & thoughtful during the home inspection. He provided excellent feedback & guidance. I really appreciated his knowledge. It took a lot of uncertainty out of our home purchase decision.

Callie A.

01/26/16 - Matt did an incredible job for us inspecting our home. He met us on a Sunday and thoroughly reviewed all the relevant aspects of our house. Matt took the time to explain each of his findings in a way we could understand, which helped get us comfortable in making our final decision to move forward with our purchase. A smart inspector with a background as a builder, a wide range of experience, and a competitive price. I would recommend him to anyone who asks!

Mikhail P.

05/22/16 - It was pleasure working with Matthew. During the inspection he thoroughly explained every aspect and provided me with comprehensive report the same day. Thank you.

Marla H. (via Yelp)

03/11/2019 - I'm not writing on behalf of us finding and hiring Matthew. I am actually the seller, the buyers hired Matthew to do the inspection on our home. I would highly recommend Matthew just from our experience with him on the other side as the sellers. He showed up just a bit early but knocked, introduced himself, apologized for being early, and told me to take my time leaving for the inspection. He was 100% professional. I had to reach out him at least 5-10 times regarding questions (one being on the weekend) that we had for the contractors who were doing the repairs on our home. Matthew was so patient with my questions, and very timely getting back to me and the contractors with help. I couldn't thank Matthew enough for being very specific and helpful through the repair process!!

Monica M (via Yelp)

04/17/2018 - We chose Matthew for our home inspection after we saw an inspection report he had done on another home we were considering, and we were impressed with his thoroughness and straight-talk in the report. He did not disappoint on our home inspection. His notes and photos he includes in the report are so thorough and will be invaluable when we need to make repairs or modifications in the future. On top of that, he is just a really nice guy who is easy to talk to. He can explain very complex construction topics to folks who know nothing about home building. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.

LMV (via Yelp)

01/23/2018 - We used Matthew to inspect a new home we were buying and were so impressed with his detailed reports and findings. He was wonderful in ensuring we understood the inspection report and his follow up. I highly recommend Armadillo Home Inspection!

Jon M.

09/10/2018 - Matthew was great. He was thorough, detailed in both his in-person explanation and report of his findings, and was extremely helpful in answering our follow up questions.

Mark G.

09/05/2018 - I was incredibly impressed by the attention to detail, thoroughness, and expert understanding that Matthew brought to the table. A true professional. I'll be using him in the future and recommending him whenever possible.

Kiwi C.

08/14/2018 - Terrific detailed inspection and a pleasure to deal with. Love the color coding for severity of issues!

Heidi N.

07/07/2018 - I highly recommend Matthew and Armadillo Home Inspection for your home inspection needs. I'm a first time homebuyer and Matthew was very thorough, patient, and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. He provided a very thorough report that I will reference in the future. Thanks Matthew!

Charles H.

12/15/16 - Matthew is top notch! He also answered several of my questions after the inspection and helped me work with my builder to get everything done. Highly recommend!

Linda P.

03/26/16 - Wonderful inspection by Matthew. I learned more and have more information then any other inspection that I have ever had done. I would highly recommend Armadillo Home Inspection.

James Z.

10/24/16 - Matthew provided excellent inspection services. He did a through and efficient inspection and has been very helpful answering follow up questions. I highly recommend him!

Cole W.

08/05/14 - I was happy to utilize Armadillo Home Inspection to inspect my current household purchased in August 2014. Mr. Kenny is professional, punctual, and overall pleasant to deal with. He offered valuable insight to issues that could easily have been overlooked. In my case, a structural issue in the attic that offered me helpful leverage during price negotiations. I highly recommend using Armadillo Home Inspection when considering the purchase of your home.

Sarah H. (via Yelp)

02/03/16 - Matt did an incredible job for us inspecting our home.  He met us on a Sunday and thoroughly reviewed all the relevant aspects of our house.  Matt took the time to explain each of his findings in a way we could understand, which helped get us comfortable in making our final decision to move forward with our purchase.  A smart inspector with a background as a builder, a wide range of experience, and a competitive price.  I would recommend him to anyone who asks! (from

Nathan D.

01/31/17 - Matthew is great to work with, knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend and use his help again!

Randy T.

02/13/17 - Based on a recommendation, we recently hired Matthew to do an inspection on a new build in a brand new subdivision. As first time home buyers, we wanted to ensure that our house had a non-biased and thorough inspection. Matthew was amazing to work with and exceeded our expectations of any independent inspector. Before the weeks leading up to the inspection, he communicated regularly with us and informed us of what to expect. After he finished a whole-house inspection, we reviewed every detail (suggestion, recommendation) that he included in his report. In our conversation, we were able to identify his years of experience and expertise, which left us with 100% confidence in his work and findings. Matthew's inspection report and summary was full of critical information, well written, but still easy to digest for us as first time buyers. Thank you Armadillo Inspection for your excellent overall service, amazing client support, and for giving us more confidence in moving our family into our new home.

Carla V.

04/02/17 - Matthew referred to us for a home inspection. Was on time, worked amazingly hard, was willing to work well over allotted to finish the job. Found items the seller was not even aware of. The report was thorough and easy to understand. One of the best home inspections we have ever had. Recommend Matthew if you are looking for a great home inspector.

Kyle S.

06/06/17 - Great inspector. Extremely knowledgeable and provides a practical and down to earth information. Thorough and fair.

Colin P.

06/21/17 - So glad that we hired Matthew! My wife and I are first time home buyers and wanted to make sure that the house that we were purchasing was up to par. Matthew did an extremely thorough inspection and even check every shingle on the roof, he also explained and made sure that we understood what he was looking for and why those items are important to your house. Would highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a 3rd party inspector.

Shelagh C.

08/25/17 - Highly recommend Matthew! He is very professional, organized and thorough and helped ease the stress of purchasing a home from another state. Matthew doesn't miss anything and made some great recommendations to me on the home. He is the best at what he does!!

Laura Ivy Blessing (realtor)

03/01/16 - Matt is very good at his job. He has helped many of my clients and I navigate and negotiate issues with homes. Matt is very patient with explaining and educating clients about the home they are going to buy. He works hard and is also priced competitively.

Jack W.

08/15/15 - I contacted Matt with Armadillo Home Inspection to receive a 3rd party inspection before I closed on my new home. He was very thorough in his inspection, provided a report the next day and even took the time to meet me at the house to go over the details. He was very detailed, professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the home. I would definitely recommend Matt and Armadillo Home Inspection to anyone.

Ryan M.

02/20/16 - Very pleased working with Matthew. He was knowledgeable, professional and explained what he found in a clear and easy way to understand. I highly recommend.

Marsha S (via Yelp)

04/11/2017 - Mathew has inspected 2 houses for us. He was exceedingly thorough.
He met us on site & walked through the first house he inspected for us. Unfortunately that house sale didn't go through.
We asked him to inspect the next house we found. We were not able to walk through the house with him as we were out of town, so he took photos of everything he found that needed attention & of things that were in good condition. He did an outstanding job of inspecting the property.
He was prompt and spent a great deal of time inspecting both properties.
We highly recommend Mathew to inspect your prospective home.

Marsha S.

02/04/17 - Armadillo Inspection/Mathew Kenny did an outstanding job of evaluating our potential new home including the septic system. He walked through the house and over the grounds and pointed out things that needed to be fixed/improved. He made sure we understood all parts of the home and grounds. He suggested ways to improve the house and grounds. We highly recommend him!

Jim M. (Realtor)

02/10/17 - Matthew at Armadillo Home Inspection did such a great job. He kept constant contact with me and the new home owner. He made a very detailed report and gave us useful feedback. Thank you.

Stacy G.

03/01/17 - First time home buyer purchasing a previously owned home. Matthew was very thorough and walked me through the entire process explaining issues and things that looked to be issues that were not. Very pleased and very responsive! Thanks for your work!

Heath L.

03/17/17 - Matthew was very funny, nice, detailed and knowledgeable. Lots of great advice and directions on items from report. I for sure felt so much better about my purchase after his inspection.

Deborah F.

08/26/17 - Matthew was outstanding. Extremely detailed and comprehensive report at a reasonable price. He was very responsive right from the start, set the proper expectations, and clearly communicated each step in the process. I highly recommend his services. You will not be disappointed.

Chad I.

10/05/17 - Matthew's report was very insightful and helpful. We appreciate his willingness to address questions and offer additional help throughout the home buying process.

Matthew (via Yelp)

06/05/2017 - Matthew did an excellent job with our last home inspection. He is very thorough plus takes the time to review the problems he sees, what needs to be addressed with the homeowner and what is not a high priority. Matthew was very prompt with the follow up questions we had via email as well. Would highly recommend!

David M.

03/27/17 - Matthew was great! Very thorough and spent the time to make sure everything was covered. He also inspected the pool and sprinkler system and arranged for a termite/pest review. I would highly recommend him!

Beth M.

04/11/17 - We are purchasing a new build home, but still wanted an independent inspection. Our request to Matthew was last minute, but he was accommodating and we are so glad he was able to inspect our home. He stayed to take us through his findings, and produced our report in time to send to the builders the next day. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you, Matthew!

Eileen W.

06/17/17 - Matthew provided a very complete inspection of my home and also provided useful information about home maintenance and prevention.

Gabby B (via Yelp)

03/10/2016 - Talk about integrity, knowledge and fairness wrapped into one! Armadillo Inspection gets both thumbs up! So relieved to finally have found someone that knows what the heck they're talking about, backs it with experience, precision and humanity. Thanks Matthew, will recommend you from here on out! Keep up the good work!

Kyle A (via Yelp)

01/28/2016 - Matt did an incredible job for us inspecting our home.  He met us on a Sunday and thoroughly reviewed all the relevant aspects of our house.  Matt took the time to explain each of his findings in a way we could understand, which helped get us comfortable in making our final decision to move forward with our purchase.  A smart inspector with a background as a builder, a wide range of experience, and a competitive price.  I would recommend him to anyone who asks!

Anil M.

10/17/17 - Matt at Armadillo Home Inspection was tremendous. He spent a significant amount of time at the property we were examining and was crawling around in all kinds of crazy places to get a full inspection report. The report was very extensive and easy to read so you knew where to focus when reading the report. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is seriously considering a property that may be dated and will need an expert to make sure there are no pitfalls. He even gave me some pool building advice which was quite helpful as well!!

Dave W.

07/23/17 - Matthew was great to work with. He took the time to explain things clearly and was very thorough. I would highly recommend him.

John P.

08/23/17 - Great experience with Matthew. Very thorough, friendly, and willing to take the time to explain issues, answer questions, and provide his recommendations. Fortunately for us, he was available with short notice and he turned around a very detailed report within 12 hours. Highly recommend to anyone buying a home.

Matt R

09/28/17 - Outstanding. I submitted an inquiry on the Armadillo website on a Saturday afternoon, and Matthew replied within a few hours with a quote and a Monday morning appointment offering. Matthew's experience is evident in his detailed analysis and insight. Great communicator, friendly, and top-notch service.